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Month: June 2009

Software, Piracy, and Linux

Back, from a long break , more like I’ve been busy. Two articles caught
my eyes this week

First: The New Vision, a leading daily newspaper in Uganda reported that
Microsoft has hired some lawyers in Kampala, to help them fight software
piracy especially illegal copies of Windows. As rightly noted by the
paper, very few people realize the adverse impact, such ‘a war on
software piracy’ could have on local business. Its estimated that up to
95% of Windows OS copies in use around the country are not genuine.

Second: Microsoft disclosed the pricing of Windows 7, the next major
release from Redmond, WA. Basically the full version of Windows 7
Professional is $299.00, with upgrades going for $199.00 per copy. You
can read more at: here

Well what is the alternative for Ugandan business and individuals who
can not afford these costs and wish to avoid penalties for using
illegal copies of windows?

You guessed it – Linux! Try it today, and you’ll ask yourself why you
never switched a long time ago. Linux is very stable and will free you
from all those viruses/malware and instabilities you have grown
accustomed to while using windows.

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