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Month: July 2011

Google+, Facebook, and Ubuntu

A couple of items caught my attention this week.

1. Google plus, a facebook alternative was launched by the search company, Google. While it’s currently an invite-only service, Google+ looks very promising and may very well attract those who are not comfortable with facebook’s privacy. You can read more about Google plus at: Google+

With facebook launching an exciting product next week (some sort of Skype?), things are getting very exciting in the social networking space.

2. For Linux enthusiasts out there, many of you already know how ubuntu, the Canonical based Linux distribution, helped accelerate the adoption of the Linux desktop. Well things are no longer rosy, for the distribution, as it slipped from No.1 position to No. 2 on distrowatch’s last-3-month’s rankings. Lots of users have been turned off by the latest Ubuntu 11.04 release which uses the Unity interface that was picked in favor of the traditional Gnome desktop. For those looking at alternatives, consider Fedora, a Red-Hat Linux derivative. Fedora continues to set the trend when it comes to bleeding edge technology. An example is the recently released Fedora 15. Check it out at: Fedora Project

For the folks in the good ole US of A, Happy 4th of July!

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