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A software engineer specializing in open source technologies | Very experienced in building and configuring UNIX/Linux systems and servers. Passionate about developing software applications and hardware for the smart home | Currently serving as the CEO of Jambula Labs and the project leader at JambulaTV, a smart home automation and entertainment platform - | This blog focuses on the following areas: Linux How-Tos and Tutorials ::: IT Security News ::: Free and Libre Open Source Software ::: Smart Home Software ::: Digital Innovations in East Africa |

Month: July 2010

Featured in a Magazine

Thanks to the guys over at PC Tech Magazine. The July issue features my interview with the editors, plus and article on open source and Linux software. PC Tech is East Africa’s most contemporary magazine.

PC Tech is available on selected newsstands across East and parts of West Africa. They also have a limited Free download on line at:

PC Tech Magazine - July Issue

Better yet, support them by buying a copy from your local supermarket.

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