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Month: April 2012

Mobile SMS gateway server using Linux

Like many parts of Africa, SMS messages in Uganda continue to play a big role in the way people communicate. For the majority, the mobile phone is the first tech device and as such the use of SMS messages to send information in bulk and real time makes it ideal in fields such as health. As a Linux administrator, this is something you can do at little or no cost.

I thought, I would share these GSM SMS/WAP gateways available for Linux

1.Kannel: By far the most widely used open source software. It can be used to serve the established user base with SMS capable handsets as well as the early adopters with their WAP terminals. Learn more at:
2.SMS Server Tools: SmsTools
3.PointSMS: an easy-to-use program that enables you build your own SMS gateway. Learn more at PontSMS

Setting up an SMS gateway using Linux is fairly easy, and if you use kannel for example, you will be able to send and receive bulk SMS messages in no time. I have tested Kannel with our local mobile operators like Uganda Telecom, and it works pretty well using your typical 3G modem dongles, like Huawei E220, and E173s.

If you are interested in instructions on how to install and configure the server… drop me a comment.

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