Joseph Zikusooka ~ Zik

A software engineer specializing in open source technologies | Very experienced in building and configuring UNIX/Linux systems and servers. Passionate about developing software applications and hardware for the smart home | Currently serving as the CEO of Jambula Labs and the project leader at JambulaTV, a smart home automation and entertainment platform - | This blog focuses on the following areas: Linux How-Tos and Tutorials ::: IT Security News ::: Free and Libre Open Source Software ::: Smart Home Software ::: Digital Innovations in East Africa |

Month: January 2011

Happy New Year!

A Happy New Year to All. I Spent part of the holiday with my good friends, Erik and Lynn, who were visiting from the US. Lots of catching up on old times in America, and a bit of travel.

I plan on upgrading the blog in a few days, so check back in a few days for a new site and hopefully some fresh content.

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