Year: 2011

PulseAudio – How to control the volume of individual applications via CLI

Using the Gnome interface, its pretty easy to adjust the volume of running audio based applications i.e. Go to sound Preferences >> Applications Tab. When using the Command Line interface (CLI) on the other hand, Its not that straight forward. At the command prompt, run the following command: pactl list | grep -A16 ‘Sink Input’ […]

Uganda’s transition to digital television – Where are we?

With less than 16 months left, questions are being asked as to whether Uganda will beat the December 2012 deadline of switching from analogue to Digital TV. A couple of posts of interest: UBC Not ready … Daily Monitor Government Stops … New Vision My observations so far: There seems to be a lot of […]

Hauppauge WinTV MiniStick on Linux – Digital TV in Uganda

As Uganda prepares to migrate to digital TV broadcasts in 2012, I have been testing some of the pilot broadcasts out there. I’m using Linux i.e. Fedora 12 – Kernel version: and an off-the shelf USB Hauppauge WinTV MiniStick. – The first major task is to get the DVB-T USB stick to be recognized. […]

Featured on Uganda Broadcasting Corporation (UBC) TV

Thanks to Brian and his team at Generation Next, the AExBox project was featured on their program of 26 January 2011, with a re-run on the 27 January 2011. The AExBox is a home automation, and entertainment system, that lets you control your house lights, record TV from a remote location. Its also, a next […]

Featured on Nation Television (NTV) Uganda

After years in development, the AExBox was last night featured on NTV’s Money Matters programme. Many thanks to Charles Bwogi and Tom Magumba for devoting some time to highlight this open source based product. For those who missed the show, you can watch it on: Youtube The AExBox, is an entertainment and home automation system. […]

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