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Month: February 2012

Remind: A Cool CLI based UNIX program

I have started a category on this blog featuring cool open source programs. These are mainly command line based, since that is where I spend most of my time. I will also pick those programs that have real life and practical applications.

Remind: As its name suggests is a reminder application. I use it to remind me of birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, etc

To install it: Use your favorites package manager such as apt or yum:
Using Yum: yum -v install yum
Typical Usage: remind [options] [filename]
e.g. remind ../mybirthdays
Typical contents of the file: mybirthdays:
REM 1 Feb MSG Peter’s birthday

This tells the app to remind you that it is Peter’s Birthday on Feb 1.
You can now script this command and do all sorts of cool things, like sending an email or SMS to your phone, when there’s a reminder.

For Help: Type ‘man remind’ to get a detailed how to

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