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Month: March 2012

UTL 3G – A painful experience

I’ve recently been testing 3G-based Internet access provided by Uganda Telecom. The test locations were in the Northern suburbs of Kampala. My experience with this connection type was not a good one. Here is why.

Depending on your location, the 3G signal is very weak. Typical strengths range anywhere form 0 to 19%.
The 3G signal seems to degrade through out the day and by 1 pm, the signal goes off. I was able to get the assistance of an engineer, when ever that was the case, however, after 7pm the connection would fail completely.

The Internet connection when successful is painfully slow. So much slow that it feels like your are using a GPRS/2G connection.

I’ve been told that this service by UTL will improve in the future, but for now, I would discourage anyone who wants to use a mobile 3G connection from this ISP.

While the UTL service is unlimited per month and at a competitive rate of 80,000/= (Uganda shillings), it is not worth the trouble.

Save your self the trouble and look at alternatives like Orange Uganda. Next I will see how the service from Orange and the other providers is like.

If yoou have any experience with UTL, and other ISPs, please share your experience in the comments below.

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