Featured on Nation Television (NTV) Uganda

After years in development, the AExBox was last night featured on NTV’s Money Matters programme. Many thanks to Charles Bwogi and Tom Magumba for devoting some time to highlight this open source based product. For those who missed the show, you can watch it on: Youtube

The AExBox, is an entertainment and home automation system. You can read more on it at AExBox

Featured on Nation Television (NTV) Uganda

One thought on “Featured on Nation Television (NTV) Uganda

  1. when i watched the show,and i got to know that Mr.Joseph zikusooka was going to be interviewed and i also found out that he is a software engineer,which i want to be,i got interested and i stayed tuned till after the break.he has good ideas,otherwise i wouldn’t get interested .actually he was surfing the internet and i typed his name right away to search about him.am in my s.6 vacation and looking forward to doing software engineering at makerere,and i think i will help him out when i get the required skills!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! nice meeting you Mr.zikusooka Joseph.its people like you that we need in the technology industry,keep going!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

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