Year: 2010

Huawei E1752 USB Modem supported on Linux

Its been a while, but as always, am back with a linux tip especially for all users who are served by Orange telecommunication company. Here in Uganda, Orange recently started selling these USB 3G Modems from Huawei. These E1752 models are not automatically detected in stock linux distributions such Fedora, Ubuntu, etc. The Fix is […]

Now on FB

After resisting for a long time due to privacy concerns, I decided to take the plunge into Facebook. I have looked at the alternatives like buzz etc, but seems like the secure social networks are yet to be active. One that recently received a lot of press is Diaspora On a separate note; I’ve enabled […]

Google ditches Windows for Linux

The Financial Times recently reported that Google, the Internet search company has started phasing out Microsoft’s Windows operating system due to security concerns. Employees at Google who were interviewed said most of the internal computers used by the company were being migrated to Linux or Mac operating systems . You’ve probably heard about Apple’s Mac […]

TIP: FM Radio sound using SAA713X based Tuner cards in Linux

During setup and configuration of the AExBox, a multimedia home entertainment and Automation box, I ran across an issue where no sound was emitted from an SAA7134 chipset based card in linux. The solution is simple. Use a either radio or fm (part of the fmtools package) to tune the card. For example, ‘fm -q […]

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