Joseph Zikusooka ~ Zik

A software engineer specializing in open source technologies | Very experienced in building and configuring UNIX/Linux systems and servers. Passionate about developing software applications and hardware for the smart home | Currently serving as the CEO of Jambula Labs and the project leader at JambulaTV, a smart home automation and entertainment platform - | This blog focuses on the following areas: Linux How-Tos and Tutorials ::: IT Security News ::: Free and Libre Open Source Software ::: Smart Home Software ::: Digital Innovations in East Africa |

Day: 18 May, 2009

One of dem days …

Looks like Uganda Telecom (UTL) mobile phone subscribers are experiencing difficulties today. My UTL connection has been on and off all day … actually there was a complete outage from yesterday till mid day – my goodness I can’t stand it! Just curious, I thought I outta check out the company’s website for any mention of it, but then again what am I thinking – this is Uganda. So we get disconnected and no one takes accountability. Unbelievable!

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