Git – The open source developer’s favorite version control system

Today, my brother sent me a link to Clay Sirky’s talk on the political ramifications of ‘cooperation without coordination’ on communities – How the internet will one day transform government. Knowing how much an advocate for open source software I am, he couldn’t have picked a good time. I’ve been thinking of recommending an open source tool called git on this blog.
OK, I won’t comment on the politics here, but I encourage you to listen to this talk, even if you’re not a software developer.

Interestingly, Clay Sirky mentions the power of collaborative software development using git, which enables one developer in Edinburgh to collaborate with another developer in Entebbe (Uganda) without them knowing each other.

So what is git? Git is an open source based distributed version control system, that allows software developers to collaborate and share code. Unlike traditional systems that require a central server, with git, anyone can clone a repository and make changes locally, that can be pushed upstream. Git was created by the man who invented Linux i.e. Linus Torvalds, so you know it embodies the open source spirit!

I recently migrated all my software development projects to using git, I am really loving it as it makes keeping track of the projects a lot easier than before.
I won’t delve into how to use git here, but a good How-To can be found at:
Getting Started with Git

If you are an open source developer and you’ve not yet started using git, you are really missing out.

Try it and you’ll not look back.

Git – The open source developer’s favorite version control system

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